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Cancun looks its best face

Cancun the best place to live

Last Saturday we were lucky enough to attend the Turibus tour organized by Panorama Project. The Urban Image Commission of Cancun (CIMUC) unveiled 4 new murals of the Urban Art project that will adorn our city.

The project, started last February 24, resulting in four works. Two on Blvd. Kukulkan and another two on the Fovisste buildings on Bonampak Avenue. For what purpose? Improve the urban image of the city of Cancun recovering deteriorated spaces. To ensure that they are safe and involve the community also by making art known in a more practical and close manner and consolidating the identity among citizens. Cancun the Best Place to Live

This initiative was organized and carried out by Proyecto Panorama and CIMUC as part of the project “Cancun the city we want and together we build”, which also includes the Caribbean Business Coordination Council (CCE of the Caribbean). Five artist from Ukraine, New Zealand, the United States, Mexico City and Cancun.
From Lemmus Inver México we support each one of the projects that aim at improving the city. We are grateful for the invitation to the tour!

Together we are building the city we want. Cancun the best place to live

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