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Lemmus is a real estate brokerage company always looking to be at the forefront in terms of market research and technology. The commercial revolution of the real estate industry worldwide is being surpassed by modern technology.

The portals specializing in real estate and social networks are tools that have come to facilitate the promotion and brokerage of real estate agents who are becoming more professionalized and trained every day. Condos for sale in Cancun.

In the specialized area of ​​residential developments with master plans, the figure of the master broker, who helped to detonate the tourism real estate boom of the 90’s and early in this millennium, is being taken up by the current developer groups.

The reason? Today, with access to technology, commercialization of inventories of real estate master plans, residences on golf courses, marinas and coasts are coming very fast to the selected markets and their absorption in pre-sale is a complete success for the Developers and builders, with proven experience, economic solvency and recognized trajectory.

The Evolution of Lemmus Inver Mexico Real Estate

With this panorama of changes and understanding that it is necessary to redefine the “business model” to capitalize on experiences Lemmus Inver Mexico, which for decades was the leader in marketing as master broker of real estate tourism projects in Mexico, changes the adage of location location location by The adage of timing timing, so that this year 2016 reinvents itself with a new structure and dynamics in its organization to take advantage of the “macroeconomic moment” of Cancún and the Maya and Women Rivieras, takes advantage of the “Growing City Inertia” Metamorphosis of the area “and enters a new” competitive dynamics “as a builder and developer of its own luxury residential projects in tourist areas and in specific nautical areas. Homes for sale in Cancun, Condos for sale in Cancun.

Commercial Strategy

The strategy Lemmus is following in its resizing as a developer and builder is to create projects that serve specific segments blue ocean markets and as a model to take the nautical residential market. Today this market with the growing city that has focused to the area of Puerto Cancun and Isla Dorada demanding land, houses and condominiums facing the water. Due to this explosive demand phenomenon, the pipeline inventories of the developer Grupo Mira in Puerto Cancún have already been exhausted and the availability is only for resale of some large residential lots of 800 m2 average with a waterfront of 20 meters. Which can be found on the website www.lemmus.com with the characteristic price list and specifications.

Houses for sale in Cancun, Condos for sale in Cancun.

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