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Hotel Land for Sale in Cancun

The vision is to create innovative concepts that bring new markets to the coasts and ports of our country, which with more than 11 thousand kilometers of beach represent a great opportunity to build and bring about a sustainable development that translates into the increase of Gross Domestic Product ( GDP). The vacation condominium, the retirement village and / or permanent residence in residential subdivisions with hotel services integrated in large colonies of inhabitants is what we know today as investment in tourist real estate, and allows the market to acquire it, notwithstanding the distance Remote from their centers of production or work, operate from their property and at the same time find the true meaning of their existence, “enjoy life.” Hotel Land for Sale in Cancun.

They are fraccionamientos or condominios masters in which security and controlled access is a priority to enter, as well as the mandatory registration of those who inhabit and visit, defining the profile and lifestyle with the acceptance of the regulation of the Association in residential condominium, this with similarity of preferences related to those who integrate this communication and concept, not only in relation to daily life and services essential to live but also in terms of their recreational, cultural and sports activities, thus creating new And modern cities or similar communities with the same interests in their lifestyle. Hotel Land for Sale in Cancun.

New Developments in the Mexican Caribbean

As part of this phenomenon that is attracting hundreds of families to invest in a unit in this environment of security, comfort, health and coexistence in harmony with nature, we find as an example three large groups of investors and developers who are syndicating funds to carry MIRA, HERMES and ICA, which for more than 10 years have taken the initiative, which will surely be followed by the current major fibers and construction companies, both national and foreign, to invest in this phenomenon of human displacement that is seducing To our society to leave the big metropolitan cities and look for in these new modern feudal castles their safe habitat in the coasts of the Mexican Caribbean.

Hotel Land For Sale in Cancun, Terrenos Hoteleros en venta en cancun
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