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March 22 | International Water Day

The International Water Day is celebrated annually on March 22 as a means of drawing attention to the importance of water and the defense of the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

On thisInternational Water Day we remember that “Water is the basis of sustainable development”. The reduction of poverty, economic growth and environmental sustainability are based on water resources and the range of services they provide. From food and energy security to human and environmental health, water contributes to improving social welfare and inclusive growth, which affects the livelihood of billions of human beings.

Progress towards achieving most of the sustainable development goals requires a significant improvement in water management throughout the world.

We must better understand the complex interactions between resources that are related to each other such as water, food and energy. And we must recognize that it is impossible to order these resources in a sustainable way if we treat them in isolation. All forms of energy production affect the quantity and quality of water available.

There is enough water on the planet for everyone. What we still lack is better governance and the collective courage to reach equitable agreements, which must be based on the results of research and reliable data.International Water Day.

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