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Applications of Marble in interior decoration.

Marble is one of the most used materials throughout history in interior design. It is the equivalent of wealth and status, has been present throughout the centuries in palaces, mansions and residences around the world. Today its application in the most luxurious homes is very common, not only for its aesthetic but also for the advantages it provides.

  • Being a natural material, each piece is different and unique.
  • It has a good natural aging.
  • It is resistant to heat.
  • Resists blows quite well and does not dent.
  • It has a good balance with most interior decoration styles.
  • It is available in the market in a wide range of colors, which offers a wide variety of decorative options.

Marble is one of the favorite materials in kitchens. It is more expensive than granite, but much cheaper than more contemporary products such as Silestone or other similar resins.

In bathrooms it has also been traditionally used, applied to floors, walls and furniture. It gives a classic charm to these rooms.

The furniture with marble finishes is also a unique way to use this material giving a classic and fine touch to the home.

What other ways do you think this material can be used?

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