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Team Lemmus in the 2nd Yucatan Cup of Polo 2018

The Yucatan Polo Club Open was held in early February. The place was the perimeter located in the section Sierra Papacal-Kikteil.

“Polo is a sport that is growing, with players of very high level, horses and a court like the one of the Yucatan Polo Club, which is among the best in the country”; said Jorge Preciat Mendicuti, main organizer of the competition..

The most exclusive private equestrian clubs with high quality sponsors participate in the event. The presence and relevance of the Pole in the region is increasing; leaving an important economic spill in the area.

Lemmus Inver Mexico, which has been promoting this sport for more than 10 years, sponsored one of the participating teams of the tournament..


The team Lemmus composed by Toño Madrazo, René Blanco, Luis Vizcaíno and Gerardo Saidén, this time could not return with the cup home. They entered the podium in a respectable third place. 

We thank all the organizers of the event for doing such a great job and we look forward to the next one.

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