Be towers Puerto Cancun, Cancun

$608,421 /USD
Property type: Developments

The space

  • Year Built: 2012


  • Beach Club
  • Fitness Center
  • Garage / Parking
  • Garden
  • Gated Community
  • Golf Course / 18 holes
  • Gym
  • Marine
  • Roof Garden
  • Sauna
  • Sea Channels
  • Security 24/7
  • Shopping Center
  • Swimming pool
  • Tennis court
  • Yacht Club


Be Towers Puerto Cancun

Price range between 4 and 13 Million Pesos depending on the size of the property.

Condos for sale on Cancun in a modern and exclusive vertical residential development that is 20 stories high with spectacular views of the Mexican Caribbean towards the golf course and Isla Mujeres. It consists of 4 towers and the range of bedrooms is between 1 and 3 and 6 different apartment types according to number of bedrooms, location and dimensions. The range of m2 is between 129 and 352 m2.

It is the most extraordinary skyscraper in the master plan of Cancun port for its architectonic design of the renowned architect Aaron Capon and for its total quality in its building materials and finished in which were used the best brands of the market and the most advanced technology Advanced, situation that granted him to be project awarded with the prize Cemex works in the year 2010 like the best residential development vertical in Mexico.

Be part of this exclusive residential development whose modern and natural surroundings make comfort and luxury a unique lifestyle. Its incredible view towards the Caribbean Sea, adjacent to the west of the city make Be Towers the best development located in Cancun.


The interior design of each of the apartments of Be Towers is distinguished by the spacious and luxurious spaces, which allow harmonious and pleasant environments in coexistence with a beautiful view of the sea and the green golf course.

The details and layout of the rooms allow very spacious and comfortable areas to satisfy all the space needs that a family requires.


All the windows, made of a clear polycarbonate sheet, a synthetic glass with the latest generation in coating, withstand 250 times more impacts and scratches than with conventional glass and its resistance, greater than that of concrete, makes it Hurricanes It also filters out harmful UV rays, protecting your skin and furniture, as well as having thermal properties that result in energy savings.


Because the health of your family is very important, in our hydraulic system we include reverse osmosis plants, which through a physical process, purify and potabilize water, freeing it from hardness and total dissolved solids.

The micro-biological part is controlled by Ultra Violet and Ozonation


Italian kitchens of the highest technology and design of the Berloni brand. Drawer interiors in soft material and coated aluminum base, with controlled closing system. Deck: San Gabriel Granite Kitchen equipment: Brand Teka, includes three-speed hood, 5 burner grill, two function oven, double stainless steel stripe and Dexa mixer mixer.

It has many amenities that will make your stay much more comfortable and your life a dream within reach of very few.


Green areas, Kids club and playground: BE Towers has ample green areas and a playground for the family to enjoy. There will also be a Kids Club in covered area with available games and someone supervising the little ones.

 Hurricane proof construction:

All the windows, made of a clear polycarbonate sheet and a synthetic glass with the latest generation in coating, withstand 250 times more impacts and scratches than with conventional glass and its resistance is greater than that of concrete, which makes them Hurricane test It also filters out harmful UV rays, protecting your skin and furniture. It also has thermal properties that result in energy savings.

Tennis court and paddle:

Be Towers has part of its development with tennis court & paddle for all lovers of this sport.

Business Center:

Be Towers has a fully equipped business center with WiFi.

Sauna, jacuzzi and massage room:

You will find massage rooms for both men and women to complete the cycle of relaxation that this condominium offers. It has therapeutic hot and cold water jacuzzis a few steps from your residence. To complement your bath inside the Jacuzzi a few minutes of sauna or steam to have a radiant skin.

Fitness Center:

It has a fully equipped world class gym for both cardiovascular and anaerobic exercise by the Life Fitness brand. Also with sound equipment, television, judo or yoga area, as well as showers and lockers.

Swimming rack and pools:

Semi-Olympic Alberta with two lanes for lovers of fitness. It can be used as a swimming track, surrounded by green areas where you can enjoy your training.

Infinity pool in the shape of a two-tiered snail with water mirrors and a jacuzzi in the center. There are showers, restrooms and sunbathing area where you can spend very pleasant moments with your family or friends. There is also a swimming pool exclusively for adults.

Golf course:

Great 18 hole professional course with 75 hectares of tropical forest with beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea.


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