Ecologissimo Nuevo Cancun Cancun

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Property type: Mega Developments

The space

  • Land Size: 12710000
  • Total Acres: 3,141 acres
  • Population Center: 1,732 acres
  • Use Land: Mix
  • Housing Use: 1,112 Acres.
  • Recreational Use: 1,150 Acres.
  • Logistic Use: 789 Acres.
  • Commercial Use: 789 Acres.


Ecologíssimo Nuevo Cancún | Land for sale in Cancun, Lots for sale in Cancun.

Ecologissimo Nuevo Cancun is a property with an approximate area of 3,141 acres. that is located next to the International Airport of Cancún, only 3Km away from the Chetumal-Merida highway. Land for sale in Cancun, Lots for sale in Cancun.

The property is 100% regularized and we have the Authorization to build Five Condominium Regimens. Over it, from which two have already been built, that could be identified as the Third and Fourth stage. Same that have the authorized residential density to that date.

We attach the list of the Permits that Ecologissimo Nuevo Cancún has, which includes the 3 levels of Government, from SEMARNAT, to the Municipal Authorities, in which it can be highlighted that we have the Authorization from SEMARNAT to Change the Soils Use from forest to Urban land.

Currently we are part of the Urban Development Municipal Program of Benito Juarez (PMDU) that was published in the Official Gazette from Benito Juarez, Quintana Roo, dated December 26 of 2012, in which it contemplates us a designated surface as a town Center of approximately 1,732 acres.

Licenses & Permits

In the Urban Development Program from Cancuns Population Center (PDUCP) at Benito Juarez Municipality with Local Ecological Management Program (POEL) published in the Official Gazette from Benito Juarez, Quintana Roo, dated September 24th of 2013, a density of 99 homes per acres is authorized, which give us a total of 28,000 units. In addition to approximately 3,000 units that we have spread around the 1,411 acres. left. A cut of 50% inside of the 1,732 acres. of the town Center and an authorized mixed land use (M/3/50/A) to do practically any type of construction.

One of the many attractions Ecologissimo Nuevo Cancun has is that the phreatic level is between 3 and 5 mts. deep, allowing to easily build natural lakes, whose extracted materials provide a great value for the development itself. The Potable Water Lines that supply Cancun go through the land, as well as the Power Lines. We have near the land a gas station and adjoin with 2 golf courses.

Nowadays its on a homologation process of urban parameters in the 1,411 acres. that the urban area gravitates towards.



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