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Puerto Morelos, growth in harmony with the environment during this 2018

Puerto Morelos is the main port of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, located in the north of the state, 33 km south of Cancun.

Puerto Morelos has been cataloged as “an achievement of all”. This Thursday January 18 fulfilled two years of having been formed as a municipality. It is the youngest municipality in the country, it has advanced in such a short time that it has been a surprise for all Quintanaroenses.

In this municipality you plan to learn from the mistakes of others. They are in the creation of a regulation of Environmental Conservation that aims to protect the ecological environment for being a place that has very important natural areas.

Puerto Morelos is in the final race to be considered a “Magic Town” after meeting all the requirements of the contest.


The municipal president acknowledged that it is a very close competition; but there is optimism and confidence that this goal could be achieved. This would add value to the tourist success that Puerto Morelos already has as its own brand.

And in real estate is not far behind; There are already several door development plans that have prepared residential housing concepts and lots. But growth does not shorten there. They are promoting 19 commercial lots for the construction of services such as hospitals, schools banks and everything that represents economic development in Puerto Morelos; because there is a clear demand.


Between 15 and 20% of the people who decide to buy a holiday home are Canadian or from the USA. The famous “snowbirds” or “snowbirds”.


Lemmus Inver Real Estate is not far behind. Having soon a leading role to be part of one of the largest developments in this region.

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