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Puerto Morelos, growth in harmony with the environment during this 2018

Puerto Morelos is the main port of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, located in the north of the state, 33 km south of Cancun.

Puerto Morelos has been cataloged as “an achievement of all”. This Thursday January 18 fulfilled two years of having been formed as a municipality. It is the youngest municipality in the country, it has advanced in such a short time that it has been a surprise for all Quintanaroenses.

In this municipality you plan to learn from the mistakes of others. They are in the creation of a regulation of Environmental Conservation that aims to protect the ecological environment for being a place that has very important natural areas.

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Finding the largest underwater caverns in the world in Quintana Roo.

The most recent find in the Mexican peninsula, largest Underwater Caverns in the world, is a cavernous system called Sac Actun that connects to the Cenote Dos Ojos.

The two connected Underwater Caverns form the largest flooded cave in the world.

This forms a submarine passage of 347 kilonetros with archaeological remains of the populating civilizations of America.

It is the largest in the world.

“This is an effort of more than 20 years; to travel hundreds of kilometers of caves submerged in Quintana Roo mainly; of which I dedicated 14 years to explore this monstrous Sac Actun System, now everyone’s job is to conserve it.” said Robbert Schmittner, who is the guide of this wonderful project.

This huge underwater tunnel is also a significant archaeological find.

“This immense Underwater Cavern represents the most important submerged archaeological site in the world; because it has a hundred archaeological contexts. Including evidence of the first settlers of America; extinct fauna and remains of the Mayan culture.” said Guillermo Anda, researcher at the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico and director of the research group Gran Acuífero Maya.

The team will continue working in the area to try to unite Sac Actun with other underwater systems also located in Tulum. They also want to analyze the quality of water and its impact on the biodiversity that inhabits these ancient waters.


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Quintana Roo surpasses China in growth during this 2016.

This year Quintana Roo surpasses in growth to China by a point what represents a great achievement for the state.

China has starred in the last decades the greatest economic revolution in the history of mankind. Never has a population so intensely changed its material conditions of life in such a short period of time. Chinese economic growth has been based, as is well known, on exports and investments. It was predicted a year that would break records in the tourist sector of the Mayan Riviera. But nobody expected the great economic spill generated by the tourism industry throughout 2017.

During this year the Gross Domestic Product of Quintana Roo increased by 7.6% according to INEGI. In comparison with China, which was left behind with an increase of 6.7%.

According to reports from the SCT, tripling was also reported on international flights. While national flights increased by almost 25%

According to information taken from the universal, it is the largest growth in the economy of our state since 2007.

Tourism is forecast to close at Cancún after the hotel occupancy rate rose from 70% to 92% in the last few weeks. This gives a hint of what awaits the region in the Christmas seasons (which as we know is the most critical of all high seasons).

The growth in the tourism industry and the economic spill influence investment for the real estate sector.

New developments are opening up as a result of the growth of the city and its population.


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Sustentabilidad en el sector inmobiliario de Quintana Roo

La Sustentabilidad en el sector inmobiliario y la preservación del medio ambiente es una tendencia en todos los rincones del mundo.

Cancún ocupa el tercer lugar entre las 23 ciudades de 500 mil y un millón de habitantes calificados con mayor competitividad económica y Sustentabilidad, por el Instituto Mexicano para la Competitividad (IMCO).

Quintana Roo se ha convertido en el destino del desarrollo en los últimos años, el sector turístico del estado es el más fuerte a nivel nacional y desde 2005, la inversión en el sector inmobiliario ha crecido hasta convertirse en uno de los mercados más atractivos del país. Eco-sostenible y resistente. La Riviera Maya es un destino turístico que enfrenta la constante presión de los desarrolladores inmobiliarios para seguir creciendo y es de suma importancia aplicar técnicas de preservación para la naturaleza que ya se están teniendo en cuenta.

Hasta 2015 Quintana Roo contabilizaba 638 unidades económicas verdes por cada 100 mil, según el estudio Empresas Socialmente Responsables y Verdes en México, realizado por la consultora ARegional (AR), lanzado a principios de esta semana.

mayan village
Mayan Village, soon in Puerto Morelos by @Lemmus Real Estate

La evolución está dirigida a los desarrollos con una perspectiva sostenible, ya no es una cuestión de moda, sino una política de gran relevancia en las decisiones laborales.

El principal desafío en el desarrollo de viviendas sostenibles es el aumento en el costo para que el precio al público no pueda aumentar, pero surgen nuevas técnicas y herramientas de trabajo cada día para ayudar a resolver este problema. El uso de energías renovables, el ahorro de energía y el ahorro de agua son temáticos que están previstos en el plan maestro de nuestros desarrollos y que nos ayudan a estar siempre en armonía con la madre naturaleza de la Riviera Maya.



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Riviera Mujeres, the new tourist brand of the Mexican Caribbean

New investment opportunity in the Mexican Caribbean

The development of the Isla Mujeres area will give rise to the new tourist brand of the northern zone of Quintana Roo. This new tourist destination will have characteristics similar to the Riviera Maya or Cancun, for the type of attractions it will offer. The difference will be a destination with its own characteristics and not part of any site. For several years this sector has been characterized by exclusivity, focused on tourists with high purchasing power.

This area has five star hotels and Gran Turismo, which offer luxury infrastructure such as amenities and restaurants; Surrounded by abundant nature and next to the beautiful Caribbean beaches of white sand and turquoise water. New investment opportunity in the Mexican Caribbean.

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The Mexican Caribbean wins five international tourism awards

The Riviera Maya and Cancun triumph in the 2017 Travvy Awards held at Gotham Hall in New York, USA. What consolidates the Mexican Caribbean as a modern destination, competitive and of high excellence for the domestic and international traveler. Luxury homes for sale in Cancun.

The Travvy Awards are considered the most prestigious Resort Industry Academy Awards, recognizing the highest standards of quality and excellence in the industry and honoring companies, travel products, agencies and destinations for their Outstanding achievements. Chosen by more than 100 thousand travel agents around the world.

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The sale of average housing at its highest level

The demand for middle-level housing experiences the highest volume in four years.

Residences for sale in Cancun. The middle-level housing is one with a value of 736 thousand to one million 577 thousand pesos.

From January to September of 2016, 98 thousand 613 houses and departments of middle segment were commercialized. This represented a 27 percent increase over the number of units in the same period of 2015.

At the end of December, the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) revealed that the bank’s credit to housing grew 10.6% to November 2016. This meant an acceleration over previous months. This, coupled with historical lows that hit interest rates, triggered the demand for middle-level housing.
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