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Do you know what Responsible Luxury Tourism is?

Ecotourism does not always mean compostable toilets with brown paper, vegetarian food and sleeping in cabins. Every day there are more hotel chains and ecotourism programs, also known as eco-tourism, which are implementing measures to live in harmony with the environment that surrounds them.


But how can these two be balanced? It seems a contradiction but sustainable tourism is already being practiced and is effective. It begins with the protection of the flora and fauna, the constructions are every day of less impact towards the environment, it encourages a low consumption of energy and water treatment methods are applied with what is called today as “blue technologies” .


Some of the trends in blue technologies are: The micro-irrigation system, or low consumption irrigation, low cost, household appliances to purify water with low electricity consumption and the prevention of water leakage in infrastructure, among many others. Energy saving in developments and hotels with improvements for energy efficiency with: minimization of color or cold loss in rooms and common areas to avoid using both air conditioners or heating, check periodically for leaks, change filters air regularly, occupancy sensors and daylight so that only lights are used when necessary, solar panels to heat the water and polarized sheets in the windows to reduce heat input.


In hotels in the Riviera Maya the staff is also contributing to an improvement of the environment who are volunteers in beach cleaning, recycling of oil in the kitchens and where the same guests choose to wash their sheets in a less regular way to contribute to the water saving, to which is added the use of biodegradable detergents. A company highly recognized for its environmental conservation in Quintana Roo is Experiencias Xcaret, if you want to know more about it click here.


But our society also faces a greater challenge: to educate customers who often do not understand the nuances and complexities of sustainability or how they can do their bit to help develop ecotourism. Ecotourism or ecotourism is a tourist activity whose purpose is to minimize the number of damages that tourists can generate on the natural environment.


It is a type of tourism very related to ethics that goes beyond the mere enjoyment of the traveler.

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