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International Earth Day!

April 22, world earth day. At present, lighting consumes about 20% of all the energy produced in the world.

In addition, it is estimated that by 2040, the consumption of energy in our homes worldwide will increase by 57%, according to information from the United States Energy Information Administration, EIA.

This April 22 is Earth Day, so it is important to reduce our levels of consumption in electricity, which will be reflected both in the welfare of the planet and in the pockets of consumers.

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Delight your palate, the best restaurants in the Riviera Maya.

For those who are fans of the culinary art, here is a list of highly recognized restaurants in the Riviera Maya that are famous for their seasoning, their services and their originality when presenting iconic dishes from the region.


Axiote in Playa del Carmen

More than an ingredient, it is the peninsular road; the backbone of the Mayan gastronomy that by dint of becoming a message is the basis of complex and delicate stews.

Red color.

It is pure sophistication that in each seed reveals origin and destiny.

And it is also Mexican cuisine, purity sometimes incomprehensible but always endearing.

This restaurat is located on Calle 34 Norte, between 5 ave. and 10 ave. Playa del Carmen Q. Roo. (984) 8031727 and is named by many newspapers and blogs as part of the best restaurants in the Riviera Maya and even Quintana Roo.


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NAIM: The New International Airport of Mexico City | Growth for Mexico.

Mexico is called to be one of the first five economies in the world by the middle of the 21st century.

Since the nineties, it was clear that Mexico had to expand and modernize its airport capacity if it wanted to maintain its economic competitiveness. After the political changes in the United States in the last year, the need to strengthen our economy is clear. The solution: Open Mexico to the world.

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Avance de Obra de Nautica Residences 2018

nautica residencesEste ha sido el último avance de las obras en Nautica Residences, el complejo nautico más exclusivo en la Zona Hotelera.

Náutica, el proyecto residencial plus construido y desarrollado por Lemmus Inver México. Consta de dos edificios de 4 niveles, con 2 departamentos por nivel: Torre Barlovento y Torre Sotavento. Y se ubica en el condominio de Isla Dorada, en pleno corazón de la zona hotelera de Cancún, ciudad que cuenta con la suma perfecta de infraestructura más crecimiento sostenible que lo ubican como el destino turístico más importante de México.

A día de hoy la obra se encuentra con un avance del 85% de la edificación total de Náutica habiendo terminado de construir los 4 pisos y el roof garden en ambos edificios y empezando a dar los acabados finales, nos encontramos en construcción del spa y wellness center, ubicados en ese mismo piso.

Náutica, desde esta altura, nos permite disfrutar de una vista espectacular de la laguna Nichupté y del impresionante skyline del centro de Cancún.

En cuanto al equipamiento de los apartamentos ya contamos con los elevadores, el aire acondicionado, las cocinas italianas y el mármol importado desde Grecia modelo SIVEC diseñado especialmente para este desarrollo, el cuál será colocado en grandes placas enteras en sala, comedor, recámaras, cocinas y baños.

El proyecto se pretende entregar a principios de este año para que la decoración y amueblamiento, para empezar el año de la mejor manera.


Residencia de lujo modernas

El amplio espacio y la versatilidad son las características con las que cuenta Náutica. Estos departamentos de lujo se adaptan según las necesidades y gustos de sus dueños.

Si buscas condominios de lujo, Náutica es un lugar ideal en el corazón de la Zona Hotelera de Cancún. Desarrollo residencial más exclusivo de Cancún ubicado en Isla Dorada. Allí podrás disfrutar de un ambiente inmejorable y un entorno natural, frente a la laguna y cerca de boutiques de lujo, de los mejores restaurantes y del aeropuerto.

Para más información entra a, llama a 01 800 7 LEMMUS o visítanos en nuestra oficina de Av. Bonampak esq. Con Robalo L.69 y 70 en Cancún.

Hoy puedes hacerlo tuyo y vivirlo para siempre. Condominios de lujo en venta en cancún.

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3D printers revolutionize the construction industry

A 3D printer is a machine capable of replicating 3D designs, creating pieces or volumetric models from a design made by computer, downloaded from the internet or collected from a 3D scanner. They arise with the idea of ​​converting 2D files into real or 3D prototypes. Commonly it has been used in the prefabrication of parts or components, in sectors such as architecture and industrial design.

Vulcan Pavilion
Vulcan Pavilion

Vulcan Pavilion
The largest structure made by a 3D printer, recognized by Guinness World Records, is Vulcan Pavilion. A temporary pavilion designed by Laboratory for Creative Design (LCD). Composed of 1023 printed segments individually.


This technology is also already venturing into the construction of homes.


A US company built a house of 38 m2 with only 10 thousand dollars, including wiring and insulation.


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Finding the largest underwater caverns in the world in Quintana Roo.

The most recent find in the Mexican peninsula, largest Underwater Caverns in the world, is a cavernous system called Sac Actun that connects to the Cenote Dos Ojos.

The two connected Underwater Caverns form the largest flooded cave in the world.

This forms a submarine passage of 347 kilonetros with archaeological remains of the populating civilizations of America.

It is the largest in the world.

“This is an effort of more than 20 years; to travel hundreds of kilometers of caves submerged in Quintana Roo mainly; of which I dedicated 14 years to explore this monstrous Sac Actun System, now everyone’s job is to conserve it.” said Robbert Schmittner, who is the guide of this wonderful project.

This huge underwater tunnel is also a significant archaeological find.

“This immense Underwater Cavern represents the most important submerged archaeological site in the world; because it has a hundred archaeological contexts. Including evidence of the first settlers of America; extinct fauna and remains of the Mayan culture.” said Guillermo Anda, researcher at the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico and director of the research group Gran Acuífero Maya.

The team will continue working in the area to try to unite Sac Actun with other underwater systems also located in Tulum. They also want to analyze the quality of water and its impact on the biodiversity that inhabits these ancient waters.


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Work continues for the PDU (Urban Development Plan) in Cancun.

The Real Estate Commission of the Caribbean Business Coordinating Council (CCE) was present at a wheel yesterday. Of which the Licentiate Miguel Angel Lemmus was a part. In which he stressed that the Tajamar case will be resolved in the Supreme Court of National Justice.

Before the end of the year the members of the CCE held a meeting with 80% of the owners. He is already working together with the lawyers and has another meeting next week.
Work continues through legal channels. Waiting for the resolution of the Supreme Court of Justice that is in the process of reviewing the case.

The authorities were required to open the way to the population again in the area. Tajamar is abandoned and without care or security.

The development is about a millionaire investment that generate miles of jobs and projects in the future. The construction in this area was already contemplated in the master plan of Cancun by FONATUR as a central and financial area. Considered once as the Cathedral of Cancun.

The Urban Development Plan remains firm during 2017 and with full legal validity on the way to an update. This work: the Integral Program of Sustainable Urban Mobility, the 1st stage of the cycleway of the Bonampak Avenue, follow up the Risk Atlas and generate the urban center of the city of Cancun.

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How to choose the perfect home?

The investment made in your first home is one of the most important things in your life and many people face it without any preparation at all. You want to choose the ideal house but almost all of us will learn along the way. But would not it be good to have a preliminary idea of ​​the most important factors when buying your home? Leamus gives you advice so you do not go unarmed into battle.

When it comes to real estate, we are the experts.

Make a list of your wishes and needs and that marks the requirements that meet the properties you are going to visit.

The key points for choosing your home are:



The first thing you should do is calculate your budget:

How much money do I have? How much can they lend me? What amount am I able to pay back?

If the house has some defects you can calculate what it would cost you to make the relevant repairs and offer a better price in your favor.


This will be closely linked to the price you are willing to pay. Sometimes it is better to invest in a growing area since the prices are lower and you are assured that in a few years your investment will generate much more value. Do not completely discard this type of locations even if they do not perfectly fit your needs.

Look for quality

This will be closely linked to the price you are willing to pay.

Sometimes it is better to invest in a growing area since the prices are lower and you are assured that in a few years your investment will generate much more value. Do not completely discard this type of locations even if they do not perfectly fit your needs.

Where to look?

Search by all possible means. Nowadays with the internet you can make easy and quick consultations that help you to have an idea of ​​the costs and types of houses that you could get to buy. Visit a real estate agent, the agents of these will be responsible for helping you in the choice of your home, you are free to ask them how many questions are missing and they are in the duty to inform you all.

The rule of 3×3

When you have visited enough houses, make a list that reduces to three properties and analyzes these aspects:

-Dimensions of the stay. Do you have enough rooms? Enough bathrooms? Enough space?

-Physical status of the place. Floor, walls, furniture, etc.

-It has air conditioner?

-Water systems and electrical installations, do they work properly?

-What about parking?

-The community, the neighbors, the rules of the complex in which you are going to live.

Make an offer and don’t be cheap.

Remember that this is a choice for life, do not pass your budget but do not skimp on your new home. Remember that this will be the place where your children and family will form memories for a lifetime.


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The best activities to do in Cancun as a family.

Cancun is located in Quintana Roo, Mexico. It is characterized by its beautiful beaches with fine white sand and its sea of ​​transparent waters. But that is not all that can be done in this little piece of paradise.

Many Cancun people go through unnoticed the numerous activities and wonderful places in and near their own city. Those who have the happiness of being able to perform at a low cost since they offer special discounts for residents of the city.

That’s why we list some of the activities that all of Cancun should enjoy at least once as a family:

Cancun Planetarium:

The Ka Yok Planetarium is one of the places you must visit, it is one of the most modern planetariums in the Southeast. Ka ‘Yok’ Planetarium in Cancun, is a space that gives place to science, in it you can find various activities. In the hemispherical screen you can see the universe as it has specialized technology for planetariums and digital domes. Meanwhile, at the observatory, you will be able to observe the sky in the afternoon or at night through one of its two telescopes. At the same time there are two museums one dedicated to the Mayan worldview and the other to the care of water.


Mayan Museum of Cancun:

It is the most important new museum work carried out by the National Institute of Anthropology and History. From the construction of the National Museum of Anthropology (1964) and the Museo del Templo Mayor (1987). It shelters one of the most significant archaeological collections of the Mayan culture of the country. Not only include the most important pieces of the State of Quintana Roo, but a selection of emblematic pieces from the sites of Palenque, Chichén Itzá, and Comalcalco, among other sites represented.


The Punta Cancún Lighthouse:

It is a little known Cancunense icon. So it’s usually not crowded but it’s always a nice memory to remember. This lighthouse has witnessed the progress and daily life of Cancun. If you are in Cancun or are going to travel to Cancun, visit it. The sunsets are magnificent from here.



Interactive Aquarium:

Interactive Aquarium is an interactive aquarium that allows families to spend a fun day knowing about marine species where you can interact with jellyfish, manta rays, turtles, dolphins and even sharks, it is a different experience to have the opportunity to live with these animals marine




Escape to Puerto Morelos:

Imagine a simple and quiet fishing village, dishes prepared with the best of the sea and one of the most spectacular reefs to learn to dive … this is Puerto Morelos. Among its attractions there is an old lighthouse, a botanical garden and several cenotes of turquoise waters with stalactites and plants hanging from their roofs. Located only 38 km from Cancun.


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Quintana Roo surpasses China in growth during this 2016.

This year Quintana Roo surpasses in growth to China by a point what represents a great achievement for the state.

China has starred in the last decades the greatest economic revolution in the history of mankind. Never has a population so intensely changed its material conditions of life in such a short period of time. Chinese economic growth has been based, as is well known, on exports and investments. It was predicted a year that would break records in the tourist sector of the Mayan Riviera. But nobody expected the great economic spill generated by the tourism industry throughout 2017.

During this year the Gross Domestic Product of Quintana Roo increased by 7.6% according to INEGI. In comparison with China, which was left behind with an increase of 6.7%.

According to reports from the SCT, tripling was also reported on international flights. While national flights increased by almost 25%

According to information taken from the universal, it is the largest growth in the economy of our state since 2007.

Tourism is forecast to close at Cancún after the hotel occupancy rate rose from 70% to 92% in the last few weeks. This gives a hint of what awaits the region in the Christmas seasons (which as we know is the most critical of all high seasons).

The growth in the tourism industry and the economic spill influence investment for the real estate sector.

New developments are opening up as a result of the growth of the city and its population.


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Evolution of the real estate sector along with technology

The application of these new techniques for the sale of real estate opens a wide range of options and forces. Evolution of the real estate sector along with technology makes companies constantly renew themselves.

Thanks to the accelerated evolution of technology, the real estate sector has had to adapt to the new needs of its customers.

How have technology and new generations changed to the real estate business?

  • The search in newspapers has been left behind. The most common form of current search is through the internet or online applications.
  • Virtual reality. To be able to experience the sensation of knowing as realistically as possible. Virtual reality and revolutionizing the real estate sector. Users will be able to participate in the space just as if they were physically there. This solution will allow the end user to live the experience of the available enterprise.
  • New business models and cost reduction for real estate agencies resulting in lower costs for customers. Digital real estate agencies also participate in this revolution between technology and brick, whose distinctive sign is that there are no intermediaries.
  • Technology has also entered the world of interior design. Without moving from home or from the office, today we can be in contact with experts in the field and pre-visualize through digital media the result of the designs before taking hands on the job.
  • Sustainable Green projects are fashionable but more than a fashion should be a norm. Jeffrey Sachs, economist and consultant of international organizations, maintains that a good project takes into account social, economic and sustainable aspects. As a result, friendly to the environment; better management of territory and waters in urban areas. Inclusion of eco-technologies, which allows buyers to access green mortgages.


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Marina Town Center, the largest shopping center in the city, opens its doors

The Mira group has already announced the opening of the city’s largest shopping center. From May 11 will begin the gradual opening of the aforementioned plaza. It is located in Puerto Cancun, the most exclusive residential development in Cancun.

Marina Town Center, shopping center Puerto Cancun, has 45,000 meters of surface, which translates into more than 130 commercial premises that will be rented by the most prestigious brands nationally and internationally. There are already announced some SwatchBari SwimwearBizarroH&M and some of the chain Inditex as ZaraZara HomeStradivariusBershka and Massimo Dutti.

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Riviera Mujeres, the new tourist brand of the Mexican Caribbean

New investment opportunity in the Mexican Caribbean

The development of the Isla Mujeres area will give rise to the new tourist brand of the northern zone of Quintana Roo. This new tourist destination will have characteristics similar to the Riviera Maya or Cancun, for the type of attractions it will offer. The difference will be a destination with its own characteristics and not part of any site. For several years this sector has been characterized by exclusivity, focused on tourists with high purchasing power.

This area has five star hotels and Gran Turismo, which offer luxury infrastructure such as amenities and restaurants; Surrounded by abundant nature and next to the beautiful Caribbean beaches of white sand and turquoise water. New investment opportunity in the Mexican Caribbean.

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